Young Syrian Activists is a non-partisan movement that aims to project the voices of young activists to the international community in a variety of ways. We aim to put the spotlight firmly on the personal choices these individuals have been forced to make in the face of crisis.

The voices we amplify were all once leaders at the outset of the peaceful revolution and since have had to make different choices in their lives. Some have fled, whilst others have stayed. Some have continued peaceful activism; others have chosen to fight.

Through a series of creative initiatives we hope to portray how activists rationalise pacifism in a conflict zone or violence towards their own nation, as well as the justifications of pursuing political actions that can threaten communities’ survival.

What we want to do

Throughout this project we will meet and interview Young Syrian Activists that are based around the Middle-East and Europe. Each have taken a number of different paths and we will give them them the opportunity to tell their stories.

Our role is to project their tales through moving images and print mediums as far and wide as possible around the world. Read on to see just how we are doing this.


The Documentary

We’ve shot a documentary that explores testimonies of  youth activists, where they’ve described routes they have taken and the decisions they have made since the onset of the revolution. Read More


The Photography

During the course of the documentary filming, we have shot an extensive photographic reportage that is intended for a travelling exhibition that profiles the young Syrian activists’ stories in another medium.


The Book

We will use the stories of those Young Syrian Activists who we have met, to further explore their decisions to produce a book that brings together tales of personal choice with photographic content.

Meet the team

We have a small and dedicated team of research and creative professionals working on a voluntary basis, with each bringing different experiences to the fold.

We're looking to expand our team, so be sure to check out how you can get involved!

Make it happen

Our team needs your help to amplify unheard voices to the international community.

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